Two of Pentacles

Two-of-PentaclesThe duality of the number Two is particularly strong in the Two of Pentacles because it implies both balance and change, a combination of the inactive and the active that at first seems rather absurd. After all, if something is constantly changing, how can it be kept in balance? Seeing that balance is also a dynamic quality is the key to understanding the energy of the Two of Pentacles. It’s like a juggler who keeps his balls in constant motion but always under his control.

The Two of Pentacles is often a sign that a change in your life in general, and your financial situation in particular, is almost certain. This card embodies the principle of “life at the edge of chaos” – too much change and life falls apart, too little change and it stagnates. Constant change and self-improvement is the only way to develop the body and the mind, and the Two of Pentacles is certainly an advocate of this philosophy. If you have been feeling bored lately, have some fun for a change! But if you are not working at all because you’re playing all the time, cut back a little. The principle of balance is the one that ultimately rules here.

In terms of the material world alone, the Two of Pentacles is often a sign that you have several projects underway all at once. These projects can be work related, personal hobbies, or other matters. This card can even show the dynamic balance between family and career. It is usually a sign that you have everything under control, for the moment. But even a master juggler cannot juggle forever, and this card is often a reminder that you will have to cut back sooner or later. This could mean neglecting one project in order to finish another. Dropping one project is preferable to dropping them all.

Going hand in hand with this idea is the warning that trying to take on any more projects at this time would probably be a bad idea. When a juggler has perfectly balanced two balls, and a third ball is added, he may continue to juggle them dextrously – or they may all fall to the ground. In times like this, the Two of Pentacles tells you to be flexible. If an opportunity comes along that you can’t afford to miss, but you already have a lot of projects to watch already, one of those may have to be sacrificed so you can take on the new opportunity. Above all, balance must be maintained in the face of sweeping changes.


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