Queen of Pentacles

Queen-of-PentaclesThe Queen of Pentacles is a card in which the energy of a Major Arcanum is reproduced, but on a more accessible level. She is like a mirror of the Empress in that she is a Queen of fertility and harvest, and her talents extend to mothering and nurturing as well. The only thing she really lacks that the Empress possesses is the ability to create life, but the Queen of Pentacles makes up for that with her ability to sustain and care for all kinds of life. She is materially wealthy, but even that is superseded by the wealth she has build through kindness and generosity. She manifests in your life as either a person or a part of yourself.

The person known as the Queen of Pentacles is often a mother, but sometimes she will express motherly dedication and love despite having no children of her own. Her watery quality gives her the intuitive and emotional skills needed of a good mother, while the Pentacles suit gives her a solid schooling in material matters and affairs. Her ambitions center on the family and her goals are a happy material and emotional life. These simple goals are often difficult to obtain, but she devotes herself to them. Though not necessarily rich in terms of money, she is always rich of heart, and she shares her wealth with all those in need.

Her only real weakness is an obsession with the security and protection that the Pentacles suit embodies, and this should come as little surprise because the Empress has trouble in this area as well. In modern times her role has degraded considerably because the terms “homemaker” and “housewife”, which generally apply to the Queen of Pentacles and those like her, are derogatory and devalued. Although she sees no problem with expressing love with the creation of a happy home, many people seem to have a problem with that, and think she should “get a real job”. A true Queen of Pentacles will tolerate such people, who obviously have no idea how “real” her job can become.

When the Queen of Pentacles inside of you starts manifesting, the signs are unmistakable. Generosity will become a priority, as will trustworthiness and reliability. You will gain insight into both matters of money and matters of the heart, and through these you can find a path to spiritual enlightenment. The Queen of Pentacles is, in many ways, a bridge between the worlds of the mundane and the spectacular. Step across that bridge once you are ready, and delight in the opulence and pure beauty. Then you can return to the material world to help others find their way. You may not be acknowledged, but you will never be unhappy either.


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