I Ching

siglaThis ancient divination system (approx. 4000 years old) is the most intricate numerically-based oracle ever devised. Most commonly experienced in the form of a book consulted by means of tossing coins or stalks, it is a system for pegging and interpreting patterns of change based on a profound understanding of the dynamic processes of Nature that is beyond the daily consciousness of most of us.

Essentially, the Oracle is used to produce responses to questions and problems. The system interprets which numerical patterns and which responses “like to go together” with what questions posed at a specific moment in time.

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The use of the Visionary I-Ching can help you:
  • make decisions that logic can’t handle
  • reduce stress around changes and decisions
  • better manage sensitive relationships and office politics
  • develop superior timing
  • access creative insight and intuitive power
The consistent quality of our choices determines our level of success. In times of accelerating change, we have to face more and more challenging issues. When crises or emotional reactions take over, logical reasoning alone becomes inadequate, if not impossible. Yet few of us have a personal advisor — a mentor whose wisdom we respect, an experienced guide to confer with. So we must do our best to tap our own intuitive resources. The Visionary I Ching experience will give you immediate access to profound inner resources in a pleasant and easy to access way.

The Visionary I-Ching not only makes dilemmas easier to solve but also makes your final decisions easier to live with. It can transform stressful situations into confidence-building opportunities:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Skillful Detachment
  • Focused Relaxation Around a Problem
  • Stimulating Intuition
  • Relaxation

Each of these features is described below: Read more…

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