Page of Pentacles

Page-of-PentaclesThe Page of Pentacles is the most responsible of the Pages, a trait which is shared by all the Pentacles court cards because of their Earth nature. The fact that someone so young can be so down-to-earth and ready to accept great responsibility is a rare event, and a Page of Pentacles in your midst is a rare and welcome sight. Though he may only be concerned with the immediate benefits of wealth, the Page still manages it far better than the majority of adults do. He can appear, like the other Pages, in one of three ways. He can be an event, a person in your life, or a part of your own personality.

When representing an event, the Page of Pentacles almost always refers to a material or career matter. (The exception is when he appears with the Page of Cups or Wands which can indicate a pregnancy.) A new job, a promotion or just a new time in your current job can all be predicted by his appearance. In any case, good financial news is likely, and you should be alert for a messenger who will enter your life to bring you this news. Even if the news doesn’t seem to be good at first glance, there is always potential in the messages the Page of Pentacles brings. Your task in such situation is to examine the message and figure out what the real opportnity is.

As a person, a Page of Pentacles is generally young of body but old of mind. He is a diligent worker and an efficient manager, who uses common sense more than intuition and does things by the book rather than taking risks. Despite this, however, he is always open to new ideas and isn’t as rigidly dogmatic as the rest of the Pentacles court cards. He sees the opportunities that are inherent in every situation and he finds the best ways to exploit them based on the resources at his disposal. The Page of Pentacles takes great pleasure in the world, and he will try to preserve its beauty just as he will preserve the old ways of thinking and doing things.

The Page of Pentacles within each of us is a good energy to call upon when we must manage a team or handle a big responsibility. Gather your resources and use them wisely, because only through such wisdom can success be achieved. When this energy is strong within you, you will often develop a passion for learning and absorbing new ideas. These new ideas don’t need to be limited to career and finances, though you’ll find that a lot of your ideas can and will be applied to business. Look for opportunities to develop and express your new ideas and find success. Apply knowledge with enthusiasm, think practically in all situations, and you cannot fail.


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