Ten of Pentacles

Ten-of-PentaclesOne of the great problems with having wealth is what exactly to do with it, and this is the central concept of the Ten of Pentacles. All of the positive traits of the Pentacles suit are embodied here; security, happiness, and the spiritual wisdom that comes with experience in the real world. Like the rest of the Tens, the Ten of Pentacles reminds us that we have learned important lessons through the other suit cards, and now we are challenged to apply them to the problem at hand. So now that you have all the wealth you need and all the happiness you want… what do you do?

Trying to amass more wealth, one of the choices shown on the Seven, is a bad idea at this point. Obviously you cannot simply hold onto it, for the lesson on the Four was that such attempts at security always fail. Trying to hold onto wealth in case you need it later is often like trying to capture love in a bottle. By trying to hold onto these things you often end up crushing them in your fingers, rather than preserving them for the future. So holding on tightly is not an option. The Six of Pentacles, however, showed that you cannot simply give it all away, because you must benefit from wealth too.

The solution given by the Ten of Pentacles is to pass on your wealth – both spiritual and material – to the next generation, so they might gain as much success as you have. Even if your physical riches are limited, the advice that can be given by a father to his son, or a grandparent to grandchildren, is no less valuable. This is the purpose of inheritance and legacy; to pass on something to your successors so they will remember you. This can be in the form of money, and it often is, though the best form of inheritance is often the intangible. A monument or a spoken word has much more effect on the world than a pile of cash.

The Ten of Pentacles urges you to consider the many uses of wealth, the most important of which is assuring the future success and well-being of those we care for. The truly rich man is he who is wealthy in both body and spirit, and the gifts offered in the Ten of Pentacles are one of the best ways to attain this level of wealth. During your material endeavors, never forget your goal of spiritual richness. If you wish to be remembered, pass on your wisdom and experience to those who need it. If you are in need, look for someone (usually a family member) willing to share their wealth with you.


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