Knight of Wands

Knight-of-WandsThere is no card in the Tarot that portrays such daring and enthusiasm as the Knight of Wands. His energy and courage are boundless, and he has no fear of anything; while this sometimes serves to get him into trouble, these are also the means by which he can free himself from any detrimental situation. There are few times when he does not move with the speed of a flash of lightning. When he rides into the area he always kicks up dust behind him, and when he enters your life he can be one of three things. He could be a person around you, an event that you will experience, or a part of yourself that you must bring to the surface.

Any event that enters your life quickly and unexpectedly is generally ruled and predicted by the Knight of Wands. His energy moves with the speed of a raging fire pushed onward by the wind, and with just as much energy as such a blaze. The Knight often represents the coming or going of an important matter, and you can rest assured that these comings and going will be swift ones, no matter what the matter involved. He also augurs speedy changes of residence, which may not be advisable but which are sometimes necessary. Sometimes he shows that an important person will be either leaving your life or coming into it.

Such a person, when shown by the Knight of Wands, shares his spontaneity and kinetic outlook on life. Though he may seem gruff or even violent at first glance, underneath that armor he wears a warm and generous heart. He will be highly supportive of those he considers friends – and you’d be surprised how high that number can go! He typifies the “knight in shining armor” prototype because he is always swooping into situations, saving the day and then moving on to the next adventure. This suddenness hides a deep sense of morality and honor; he is always ready to protect those who cannot defend themselves. But he cannot stand to stay in one place for long; there is always more to do.

If the Knight of Wands shows energy within yourself that you have to bring to the surface, doing so shouldn’t be very difficult. In fact, keeping it in may be harder than letting it out, so you probably shouldn’t attempt to fight it at all! Your confidence levels will rise to the surface along with the Knight’s energy, and you’ll feel ready to take on the world. Tackle any and all challenges that come into your path, and always be ready to help others who lack your determination and exuberance. Take the torch he offers you and step into the light of your own strength. Just be careful not to burn yourself while holding that flickering flame!


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