Eight of Wands

Eight-of-WandsThe Eight of Wands is a strange and powerful card, because on many of the decks where the Minor Arcana show picture scenes, there is still nothing on this particular card but the Eight Wands. There are no human figures on the card, and in this aspect only the Aces and the Wheel of Fortune stands with it. (And perhaps the Three of Swords, though this card often shows a heart.) It should come as little surprise that the energy of the Eight of Wands is a swift and rapid one, not that different from the Ace of Wands or even the powerful Wheel of Fortune.

Generally this card refers to swift and decisive action, in the form of a sudden release of energy. This burst of power clears away confusion and negativity, opening up lines of communicaton and starting events in motion. It’s like the wind of a hurricane, that throws everything out of its path. Obstacles will be swept our of your path and you will be free to advance as fast as you like. Beware, though, of becoming too hasty and impetuous, for that is the warning of the Eight of Wands. Action can be quick and still well-thought, but it cannot be hasty if it is to have an effect on the world.

So take things in stride, but hold nothing back. If there have been major obstacles in your way, you now have the power to get rid of them – either by the new energy within you or by the communication skills that this card gives you. So go looking for stubborn problems and see just how many you can solve now. On some cards, the descending staves may bring to mind Cupid’s arrows, which bring about love in whoever they strike. The Eight of Wands can therefore signal the swift beginning of a romance, where someone is swept off their feet by a charming new friend. The cautions against hastiness apply here as well; go at a pace both of you are comfortable with.

This card also reminds many of Moses’ staff, which was a conduit for divine power. The Eight of Wands therefore rules over quick transformations and changes, particularly of the spiritual sort. These eight wands can serve as lightning rods to tap the power you need and attract it to you. When struck by the spiritual lightning found in such cards as the High Priestess and the Star, the Eight of Wands can be the starting point of a major spiritual and ideological transformation. All the pieces of your life will seemingly fall into place and you will see the big picture for the first time.


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