I-Ching Hexagram 32 – Heng – Duration

Hexagram-32-HengThe trigram above: CHEN – the Arousing, Thunder
The trigram below: SUN – the Gentle, Wind

General: True persistence is a process of constant renewal.

Love: To deepen your relationship you should adapt to changes around you.

Business: You will be rewarded for the effort you have put into your business ventures.

Personal: Focus on self-renewal and make sure you avoid inertia.

The strong trigram Chen is above, the weak trigram Sun below. This hexagram is the inverse of the preceding one. In the latter we have influence, here we have union as an enduring condition. the two images are thunder and wind, which are likewise constantly paired phenomena. The lower trigram indicates gentleness within; the upper, movement without.

In the sphere of social relationships, the hexagram represents the institution of marriage as the enduring union of the sexes. During courtship the young man subordinates himself to the girl, but in marriage, which is represented by the coming together of the eldest son and the eldest daughter, the husband is the directing and moving force outside, while the wife, inside, is gentle and submissive.


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