I-Ching Hexagram 2 – K’un – the Receptive

The trigram above – K’UN – the Receptive The trigram below – K’UN – the Receptive General: Be receptive to words of advice or influence from those who are worthy of respect. This is a sign of strength, not weakness. Love: Listen… Continue Reading

I-Ching Hexagram 3 – Chun – Difficulty at the Beginning

The trigram above – K’AN – the Abysmal The trigram below – CHEN – the Arousing, Thunder General: The first step towards true learning is acknowledging your inexperience. Love: Provided you learn from the problem you have encountered

I-Ching Hexagram 11 – T’ai – Peace

The trigram above – K’UN – the Receptive, Earth The trigram below – CH’IEN – the Creative, Heaven General: Although times are harmonious you should not take them for granted. Try to understand why the harmony is there. Love: Your relationship should… Continue Reading

I-Ching Hexagram 12 – Pi – Standstill

The trigram above – CH’IEN – the Creative, Heaven The trigram below – K’UN – the Receptive, Earth General: Although this is a time of adversity you should remember that all things change and there is always hope. Love: A lover or… Continue Reading