I-Ching Hexagram 54 – Kuei Mei – The Marrying Maiden

Hexagram-54-Kuei-MeiThe trigram above – CHEN – the Arousing, Thunder
The trigram below – TUI – the Joyous, Lake

General: A sense of perspective is the best way to cure disappointment.

Love: There is a world of difference between infatuation and true love. Don’t mistake one for the other.

Business: Do not make impetuous business decisions.

Personal: Focus on slow and steady progress when faced with a difficult or complex situation.

Above we have Chen, the eldest son, and below, Tui, the youngest daughter. the man lads and the girl follows him in gladness. The picture is that of the entrance of the girl into her husband’s house. In all, there are four hexagrams depicting the relationship between husband and wife. Hsien INFLUENCE (31), describes the attraction that a young couple have for each other; Heng, DURATION (32), portrays the permanent relationships of marriage; Chien, DEVELOPMENT (53), reflects the protracted, ceremonious procedures attending the arrangement of a proper marriage; finally Kuei Mei, THE MARRYING MAIDEN, shows a young girl under the guidance of an older man who marries her.

A girl who is taken into the family, but not as the chief wife, must behave with special caution and reserve. She must not take it upon herself to supplant the mistress of the house, for that would mean disorder and lead to untenable relationships.

The same is true of all voluntary relationships between human beings. While legally regulated relationships evince a fixed connection between duties and rights, relationships based on personal inclination depend in the long run entirely on tactful reserve.

Affection as the essential principle of relatedness is of the greatest importance in all relationships in the world. For the union of heaven and earth is the origin of the whole of nature. Among human beings likewise, spontaneous affection is the all-inclusive principle of union.

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