I-Ching Hexagram 55 – Feng – Abundance, Fullness

Hexagram-55-FengThe trigram above – CHEN – the Arousing, Thunder
The trigram below – LI – the Clinging, Fire

General: Make sure you provide for the future even though you are at the peak of success.

Love: Enjoy and celebrate the success of your relationship.

Business: Even though you are currently very successful make sure you make plans for the future.

Personal: This is a very successful time for you. Make the most of your success for lasting benefits.

Chen is movement; Li is flame, whose attribute is clarity. Clarity within, movement without – this produces greatness and abundance. The hexagram pictures a period of advanced civilization. However, the fact that development has reached a peak suggests that this extraordinary condition of abundance cannot be maintained permanently.

It is not given to every mortal to bring about a time of outstanding greatness and abundance. Only a born ruler of men is able to do it, because his will is directed to what is great. Such a time of abundance is usually brief. therefore a sage might well feel sad in view of the decline tat must follow. But such sadness does not befit him. Only a man who is inwardly free of sorrow and care can lead in a time of abundance. he must be like the sun at midday, illuminating and gladdening everything under heaven.

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