Hexagram 62 – Hsiao Kuo – Preponderence of the Small

Hexagram-62-Hsaio-KuoThe trigram above CHEN – The Arousing, Thunder
The trigram below KEN – Keeping Still, Mountain

General: An accumulation of small victories is the best way to achieve greatness at this time.

Love: Strengthen the love in your relationship by attending to the small details.

Business: The smaller details of a project need to be focused on to achieve great success.

Personal: Personal success can be achieved by focusing on the more mundane aspects of life.

While in the hexagram Ta Kuo, Preponderance of the Great (28), the strong lines preponderate and are within, inclosed between weak lines at the top and bottom, the present hexagram has weak lines preponderating, though here again they are on the outside, the strong lines being within.

This indeed is the basis of the exceptional situation indicated by the hexagram. When strong lines are outside, we have the hexagram I, Providing Noursishment (27), or Chung Fu, Inner Truth (61), neither represents an exceptional sate. When strong elements within preponderate, they necessarily enforce their will.

This creates struggle and exceptional conditions in general. But in the present hexagram it is the weak element that perforce must mediate with the outside world. If a man occupies a position of authority for which he is by nature really inadequate, extraordinary prudence is necessary.


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