I-Ching Hexagram 26 – Ta Ch’u – The Taming Power of Great

The trigram above – KEN – Keeping Still, Mountain The trigram below – CH’IEN – the Creative, Heaven General: Wisdom and resources accumulated in a disciplined manner will help you in all future endeavors. Love: Your relationship will not be helped by… Continue Reading

Number Three

Tarot: Empress Astrology: Jupiter, Gemini, Venus Rune: Uruz I Ching: Pi Tree of Life: Binah, Understanding Hebrew Letter: Gimel, Lamed Shamanism: Dove Element: Fire, Earth Alchemy: The four elements Aura: Pink, Blue and Gold Color: Yellow Gemstone: Topaz Crystal: Galena Months: March, December Week Day: Wednesday Flora: Daffodil, Orchid, Rose, Mahogany, Redwood People who resonate with… Continue Reading