Queen of Swords

Queen-of-SwordsThe Queen of Swords is another of those mysteriously ambiguous court cards in which the masculine and the feminine are at conflict. She never shows her emotional side, but her judgement can sometimes be swayed by her heart, and because of these conflicts she is neither a good confidante nor a fair judge. The Greek myth of Atalanta comes to mind when viewing this card (and not just because Atalanta is the Queen of Swords in the Mythic Tarot!). Atalanta was a woman who lived to the standards of men, and who would not accept the love of any man except one would could defeat her in battle. When someone did beat her, their love was squandered and destroyed.

Most of the time, the Queen of Swords shows a person in your life. Such a person is always renowned for their perception and insight. The intuitive quality of the Water element and the mental clarity of the Swords are behind this potent combination, and in this case the two elements are not opposite to one another. This keen vision allows the Queen of Swords to see straight to the heart of any situation, past the illusions that may entice others into seeing what isn’t really there. She always sees both sides of every argument and those who try to deceive her are in for a big surprise – thieves and con artists will quickly taste her cold steel.

The negative side of the Queen of Swords stems in part from her honesty and desire for the truth. Once she has a view of the situation she lets everyone involved know her opinion, and heaven help them if they disagree! Her mind is as sharp as a razor and when it is not occupied slicing away lies, it will start to cut the perceived liars. This type of person often has very few friends, and they are often depressed and unsatisfied with themselves because they cannot live up to their own high standards. The Queen of Swords often uses her dry and vicious humor to keep others from seeing her bitterness and her dissatisfaction.

Each of us is a bit like the Queen of Swords, some more than others. Often, her ability to perceive the truth despite a web of lies will prove useful if there are hints of deception. Tapping the power of the Queen of Swords will help you see what is being hidden, if anything. Her stoicism and her “stiff upper lip” are a sign that she considers painful experiences to be learning experiences, and that you should start thinking this way too. She learns a little from everything she does and from everyone she meets, and everyone who talks with her goes away a little wiser – whether they realize it or not!

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