I-Ching Hexagram 40 – Hsieh – Deliverance

Hexagram-40-HsiehThe trigram above – CHEN – the Arousing, Thunder
The trigram below – K’AN – the Abysmal, Water

General: Discard any millstones you may be carrying. Bitterness, grievance and recrimination will only hold you back.

Love: Do not allow guilt and/or recriminations to get in the way of your relationship with your partner.

Business: This is a time to be taking very small steps forward.

Personal: Past issues should be released so that you can start to progress again.

Here the movement goes out of the sphere of danger. The obstacle has been removed, the difficulties are being resolved. Deliverance is not yet achieved; it is just in its beginning, and the hexagram represents its various stages.

This refers to a time in which tensions and complications begin to be eased. At such times we ought to make our way back to ordinary conditions as soon as possible; this is the meaning of “the southwest.” These periods of sudden change have great importance. Just as rain relieves atmospheric tension, making all the buds burst open, so a time of deliverance from burdensome pressure has a liberating and stimulating effect on life. One thing is important, however: in such times we must not overdo our triumph. The point is not to push on farther than is necessary. Returning to the regular order of life as soon as deliverance is achieved brings good fortune.

If there are any residual matters that ought to be attended to, it should be done as quickly as possible, so that a clean sweep is made and no retardations occur.

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