pigSimilarity to western sign: Scorpio

Hours ruled by the pig : 9 PM – 11 PM

Season and month : Winter – November

Point of the compass : North – Northwest

Mentality : Positive

Famous Pig People: Chiang Kai-Shek, Lee Kuan Yew, Kim Dae Jung, Syngman Rhee, Tennessee Williams, Julie Andrews, Albert Schweitzer, Jerry John Rawlings, Prince Rainier, Georges Pompidou, Chuck Yeager, Henry Kissinger, King Fahd, Woody Allen, Julie Andrews, Ronald Reagan, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg

January 30, 1911 to February 27, 1912 (metal)

February 16, 1923 to February 4, 1924 (water)

February 4, 1935 to January 23, 1936 (wood)

January 22, 1947 to February 9, 1948 (fire)

February 8, 1959 to January 27, 1960 (earth)

January 27, 1971 to February 14, 1972 (metal)

February 13, 1983 to February 1, 1984 (water)

January 31, 1994 to February 18, 1996 (wood)

The last of the twelve astrological signs, the Pig is the symbol of completion. Their ambitions are not so much with their current career, but with the benefits that they reap at the end of their careers. The Pig personality looks forward to retirement. Unlike the animal that Americans think of when they consider a Pig, the Chinese consider the Pig as one of the most pleasant and productive animals. They are home-lovers who put a lot of attention toward family matters. Pigs are models of sincerity, purity, tolerance, and honor.

The Pig may be the most generous and honorable Sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Pigs are nice to a fault and possess impeccable manners and taste. They are perfectionists and can be perceived them as snobs, but this is a misconception. Pigs are simply possessed of a truly luxurious nature, one that delights in finery and nice things (in surroundings, food, lovemaking and otherwise). This Sign believes in the best qualities of mankind and certainly doesn’t consider itself to be superior. Pigs also care a great deal about friends and family and work hard to keep everyone in their life happy. Helping others is a true pleasure for the Pig, who feels best when everyone else is smiling.

Pigs simply want to do everything right, and have an unrelenting optimistic attitude. Pigs are industrious in business as well as home life. They finish the projects that they begin, and do so with great enthusiasm. In business, they can become extremely successful and usually reap the financial benefits of such accomplishments.

Pigs are highly intelligent creatures, forever studying, playing and probing in their quest for greater knowledge. They can be misinterpreted as being lazy, however, due to their love of reveling in the good stuff; this Sign could happily spend hours on end making love, napping, taking a long bubble bath or dallying over an incredible spread of rich foods. Pigs tend to make wonderful life partners due to their hearts of gold and their love of family. Even so, Pigs can be rather exclusive, choosing to spend time with those who will appreciate them most and ignore the rest of the populace. Pigs would do well to realize that there’s more to life than being needed. When they open up their world to a diverse group of people, they will truly bloom. The most compatible match for a Pig is the Rabbit or the Goat.

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