Number 1 Combinations

number 1 combinations1 with a 1

This combination has a great deal, maybe even too much in common. Usually they share mutual ideals and ambitions. If they can avoid being competitive with each other then the two of them together can strive to great heights. This combination is usually disastrous for romance and not much better for business.

1 with a 2

This relationship is usually quite cozy but not very stimulating for either partner. Usually, trust, support, physical affection and emotional security characterize this combination. It is a good combination husband and wife or boss and secretary.

1 with a 3

These two individuals act as catalysts for each other’s imagination. This is usually a very exciting and lively relationship that has great long-term potential. It is good combination for a business, love or social relationship.

1 with a 4

These two numbers are usually incompatible. They will inevitably battle over their inability to reach a mutual decision about a project or a goal. This combination is especially negative when it comes to business or love partnerships.

1 with a 5

This can be a very vibrant and lively relationship, especially romantically. However a tendency towards clinginess, jealous and codependency often douses the flames of passion and enthusiasm.

1 with a 6

These two are capable of creating great prosperity together. They should be careful to give credit to each other when it is rightfully due. It is an especially good combination for potential business partners.

1 with a 7

This is a good platonic match that often results in a life long friendship. These two enjoy a common love of culture, history and love to sparkle together in a crowd.

1 with a 8

This combination is good for a business partnership or a marriage, as both of these are materialistic numbers who share the common ambition to accumulate as much wealth as possible.

1 with a 9

This emotionally tempestuous relationship a heart-breaking affair at best. These combinations do not often last due to the volatility of both partners’ natures. This is an especially bad business combination.


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