Number 3 Combination

number 3 combinations3 with a 1

These two individuals act as catalysts for each other’s imagination. This is usually a very exciting and lively relationship that has great long-term potential. It is good combination for either a business, love or social relationship.

3 with a 2

These two individuals may have little patience for the other’s personality quirks and foibles. This relationship usually bodes emotional fireworks and displays of temper. It is a negative relationship in any sphere of life, but especially bad for family units.

3 with a 3

Chaos and fun often ensues as a result of this twinning of numbers. Two 3’s together tend to easily get carried away. They make better friends then they do lovers or business partners. A grandparent to child relationship is usually extra close with this combination of numbers.

3 with a 4

This combination rarely seems to achieve prosperity together. It is not recommended as a good relationship for either love or business.

3 with a 5

These two are very enthusiastic about each other. They make great friends. If they become lovers the flames of passion often rise high but burn out quickly. Neither number is serious enough about the other to succeed in building a family or a business together.

3 with a 6

This is a good pair that can build a family together. Fidelity might be a problem if one partner feels stifled by the other. It is also not a bad combination for business.

3 with a 7

These two individuals are usually incompatible. If they do get together it is usually a clear case of how opposites attract. However they are so different, the relationship does not usually endure for long.

3 with an 8

These two make great lovers but lousy business or marriage partners. This combination usually becomes involved in a short-term affair with each other that ends rather badly.

3 with a 9

These two share the same desire to be the center of attention. The relationship works as long as both agree to share the limelight. It is good combination for both business and love. It is a terrible combination for father and son or mother and daughter, as they will tend to compete with each other.

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