Sound/Letter: R Meanings Literal: The Wheel Divinatory: Travel Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. A journey, vacation, relocation, evolution, change of place or setting. Seeing a larger perspective. Seeing the right move for you to make… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: J Meanings Literal: New Season/Year Divinatory: Completion at the Proper Time The results of earlier efforts are realized. A time of peace and happiness, fruitful season. It can break through stagnancy. Hopes and expectations of peace and prosperity. The… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: M Meanings Literal: Humanity Divinatory: Social Order/Life Experience The Self; the individual or the human race. Your attitude toward others and their attitudes towards you. Friends and enemies, social order. Intelligence, forethought, create, skill, ability. Divine structure, intelligence, awareness.… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: F Meanings Literal: Cattle Divinatory: Money Possessions won or earned, earned income, luck. Abundance, financial strength in the present or near future. Sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness. Social success. Energy, foresight, fertility, creation/destruction (becoming). Fehu Reversed… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: U “oo” Meanings Literal: Aurochs (extinct ox like animals) Divinatory: Power (inner) Physical strength and speed, untamed potential. A time of great energy and health. Freedom, energy, action, courage, strength, tenacity, understanding, wisdom. Sudden or unexpected changes (usually for… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: TH Meanings Literal: Thorns Divinatory: Defense (mostly passive) Reactive force, directed force of destruction and defense, conflict. Instinctual will, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst. A tendency toward change. Catharsis, purging, cleansing fire. Male sexuality, fertilization. (Thorr, the Thunder god, was… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: A “Aah” Meanings Literal: Divine Force Divinatory: Divine Intervention A revealing message or insight, communication. Signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, speech, true vision, power of words and naming. Blessings, the taking of advice. Good health, harmony, truth, wisdom. Ansuz Reversed or… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: W Meanings= Literal: Viking/Scandinavian Wind-Vane Divinatory: Joy/Harmony Joy, comfort, pleasure. Fellowship, harmony, prosperity. Ecstasy, glory, spiritual reward, but also the possibility of going “over the top”. If restrained, the meaning is general success and recognition of worth. Wunjo Reversed… Continue Reading


Sound/Letter: N Meanings Literal: Need Divinatory: Restrictions/Obstacles Delays, restriction. Resistance leading to strength, innovation, need-fire (self-reliance). Distress, confusion, conflict, and the power of will to overcome them. Endurance, survival, determination. A time to exercise patience. Recognition of one’s fate. Major… Continue Reading