Page of Cups

Page-of-CupsWhy is it that young people have such vivid emotions and wild imaginations? Perhaps it is because, like the Page of Cups, they have never been taught to suppress their innate emotional and intuitive power. The Page of Cups is a person whose imagination is totally free, free to dream wonderful dreams and to create his life exactly as he chooses. But although his head is in the clouds, his feet rarely leave the ground. When his energy enters your life it manifests in one of three ways: as a person around you, as an event that you will experience, or as a part of yourself that you must bring into full manifestation.

As an event, the Page of Cups refers almost exclusively to children, since he is so childlike himself. (Note that childlike does not mean the same thing as childish!) Pregnancies and the birth of children are often predicted by the Page of Cups, especially if the Page of Wands is nearby. He can also be a sign of a relationship or a friendship starting, a new level of happiness and pleasure in an existing relationship, or any event relating to emotional beginnings. Such beginnings can appear “out of the blue” or they can come about through your own initiative, though they’re often much more appreciated and exciting when they’re unexpected!

People represented by the Page of Cups are true romantics at heart. A Page of Cups person will be gentle and compassionate, often highly imaginative and artistic. He values tranquility and peace, and as such is often out of place in the modern world because he cannot always cope with conflict. He seems dreamy and detached a lot of the time, though beneath his quiet calmness lies a bravery and studiousness that could rival a Knight’s. His ideas may seem elusive and impossible to realize but, more often than not, their base is solid. Though he can be moody and impractical because he is so rooted in the spiritual and the emotional, the Page of Cups is always ready to serve.

The Page of Cups often shows a side of yourself that you need to manifest. This is increasingly common as humanity becomings more and more detached from its imaginative side in a world of technology and practicality. The Page’s appearance tells you to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams. If you cease to dream, he tells us, then your dreams shall never come true because they do not exist anymore. In your darkest moments, dreams can often provide a ray of hope through with the Page of Cups can manifest. Dare to dream and all things become possible.

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