Two of Wands

Two-of-WandsAfter the initial power of the Ace enters your life, that power must be shaped and directed towards the area in your life where it will be most useful. This is the energy of the Two of Wands, a card of applied power. A cohesive vision of the final destination starts to form, and though this first impression may be incorrect, that really does not matter at this time. There will be plenty of time to change your course later if you are not heading in the direction you want to be. What is important now is to get moving towards your goals, whatever those are.

This card deals a lot with the power of the Will to accomplish great things in the world. Without the initial vision there can be no final success, and without determination the goal can never be reached. The Two of Wands is a card that embodies that determination to go out into the world and succeed. It is much the same as the Magician’s power, so the color scheme of the Two of Wands often resembles the Magician’s. On the Rider-Waite version, the red and white flowers on the stone tile match the Magician’s robes. This is the energy of the Magician brought down to a more manageable level, a level at which you can direct its course.

When this card’s energy enters your life, you will find the ability to make your dreams into reality, to achieve your highest ambitions. Now is the time to understand how we create our own reality every second of our lives. It is also time to learn how we can use that to our advantage. Boldness and daring are unlimited when this energy is under your control, so go into the world and show your power to everyone. All of the Twos are associated with unions, and the Two of Wands can show that it is a good time for friendships, but beware of relationships where all the power lies in the hands of one person.

Personal power is another theme of this card. The Two of Wands is a reminder that we are always in control of our lives, and though we may be surprised by events from time to time, the reins remain in our hands waiting for us to use them. This is why it’s important to plan ahead, and know where you are headed before you set off on your journey. There is no place for uncertainty and hesitation, but fortunately, this card gives you the energy to rid yourself of those. You deserve to be the creator and the ruler of your life. Allow your inner power to show itself – you’ll be surprised by what you accomplish.


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