Six of Wands

Six-of-WandsSix is a number of balance, so it makes sense that the Six of Wands shows a time when the strife and competition of the past have been overcome, and you can enjoy the spoils of victory. This is one of the most powerful of the Minor Arcana since its meaning is so one-sided yet so full of depth at the same time. Though it is a purely physical victory that has been gained, not a spiritual one as in the Sun, that does detract from the momentary pleasure and acclaim. Not every victory must be a spiritual one – victories in the material world as just as enjoyable.

Sometimes, when surrounded by more spiritual cards, it is true that the Six of Wands can refer to a spiritual breakthrough. But most often it refers to the surmounting of obstacles in your everyday life through confidence, quick action and dedication to your goals – the Wands ideal. When this card makes an appearance, it is a sign that your goals are about to be reached, and your hard efforts will be recognized by all. The recognition may be elaborate or subtle, but it will be there in some form. You can see all of life’s battles through to their end, and what is more, you can win them too.

As with all Wands cards, however, there are inherent dangers in playing with the Six’s fire. With victory will often come pride and arrogance, and the notion that you are the best, and no one can be greater than you are. To think such things is to invite disappointment later on. While it is true that for every winner there must be a loser, it is also true that, on the average, you will lose just as often as you win. Always keep in mind, when this card’s energy empowers you, how you would feel if someone made you feel inferior. Rein in your ego and make your victory all the sweeter.

Sometimes the Six of Wands indicates the successful formation of a friendship or a romantic relationship, tending to favor the former because the Wands suit tends to focus on morality more than emotion. It is a sign to relax and enjoy the fruits of one’s labors. But under no circumstances is it a shady tree under which to sit down and fall asleep. The most important work still lies ahead. This is a reminder that you are on the right track, but that there is still a long way to go. So travel in confidence and high spirits, knowing that when you do reach your destination the reception you receive will be one worthy of a king.


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