I-Ching Hexagram 22 – Pi – Grace

Hexagram-22-PiThe trigram above – KEN – Keeping Still, Mountain
The trigram below – LI – the Clinging, Fire

General: Valuing beauty will enable you to cultivate your taste for harmony in all aspects of your life.

Love: Beauty is only skin deep – do not be taken in by superficial appearances. Look beneath the surface to see a person’s true character.

Business: If a business proposition looks too good to be true then it probably is. Make sure it’s exactly what it appears to be.

Personal: Enhance your inner beauty.

This hexagram shows a fire that breaks out of the secret depths of the earth and, blazing up, Illuminates and beautifies the mountain, the heavenly heights. Grace – beauty of form – is necessary in any union if it is to be well ordered and pleasing rather than disordered and chaotic.

Grace brings success. However, it is not the essential or fundamental thng; it is only the ornament and must therefore be used sparingly and only in little things. In the lower trigram of fire a yielding line comes between two strong lines and makes them beautiful, but the strong lines are the essential content and the weak line is the beautifying form. In the upper trigram of the mountain, the strong line takes the lead, so that here again the strong element must be regarded as the decisive factor. in nature we see in the sky the strong light of the sun; the life of the world depends on it. But this strong, essential thing is changed and given pleasing variety by the moon and the stars.

In human affairs, aesthetic form comes into being when traditions exist that, strong and abiding like mountains, are made pleasing by a lucid beauty. By contemplating the forms existing in the heavens we come to understand time and its changing demands. Through contemplation of the forms existing in human society it becomes possible to shape the world.

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