I-Ching Hexagram 26 – Ta Ch’u – The Taming Power of Great

Hexagram-26-Ta-ChuThe trigram above – KEN – Keeping Still, Mountain
The trigram below – CH’IEN – the Creative, Heaven

General: Wisdom and resources accumulated in a disciplined manner will help you in all future endeavors.

Love: Your relationship will not be helped by being frivolous or impulsive.

Business: Be disciplined in your approach and seek wisdom from those with more experience.

Personal: Focus on building your inner resources and/or strength.

The Creative is tamed by Ken, Keeping Still. This produces great power, a situation in contrast to that of the ninth hexagram, Hsiao Ch’u, THE TAMING POWER OF SMALL, in which the Creative is tamed by the Gentle alone. There one weak line must tame five strong lines, but here four strong lines are restrained by two weak lines; in addition to a minister, there is a prince, and the restraining power therefore is far stronger.

The hexagram has a threefold meaning, expressing different aspects of the concept “holding firm.” Heaven within the mountain gives the idea of holding firm in the sense of holding together; the trigram Ken, which holds the trigram Ch’ien still, gives the idea of holding firm in the sense of holding back; the third idea is that of holding firm in the sense of caring for and nourishing. This last is suggested by the fact that a strong line at the top, which is the ruler of the hexagram, is honored and tended as a sage. The third of these meanings also attaches specifically to this strong line at the top, which represents the sage.

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