I-Ching Hexagram 37 – Chia Jen – The Family, Clan

Hexagram-37-Chia-JenThe trigram above: SUN – The Gentle, Wind
The trigram below: Li – The Clinging, fire

General: Open and respectful communication is the key to making a team work successfully.

Love: Communication must be sincere to benefit your relationship.

Business: Avoid misunderstandings within your business by ensuring that each individual fully understands his or her role.

Personal: Make sure that you are communicating clearly and effectively with those who are important to you.

This hexagram represents the laws obtaining within the family. The strong line at the top represents the father, the lowest the son. The strong line in the fifth place represents the husband, the yielding second line the wife. On the other hand, the two strong lines in the fifth and the third place represent two brothers, and the two weak lines correlated with them in the fourth and the second place stand for their respective wives. Thus all the connections and relationships within the family find their appropriate expression. Each individual line has the character according with its place. The fact that a strong line occupies the sixth place – where a weak line might be expected – indicates very clearly the strong leadership that must come from the head of the family.

The line is to be considered here not in its quality as the sixth but in its quality as the top line. THE FAMILY shows the laws operative within the household that, transferred to outside life, keep the state and the world in order. The influences that goes out from within the family is represented by the symbol of the wind created by fire.

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