I-Ching Hexagram 43 – Kuai – Break-through

Hexagram-43-KuaiThe trigram above – TUI – the Joyous, Lake
The trigram below – CH’IEN – the Creative, Heaven

General: When the unscrupulous reveal their weaknesses be ready to act.

Love: This is a time when a breakthrough in your relationship will occur. Be sure to handle it honorably.

Business: When an opportunity presents itself, make sure you use positive strategies to achieve the breakthrough you need.

Personal: Any breakthrough on a personal level must be handled ethically.

This hexagram signifies on the one hand a break-through after a long accumulation of tension, as a swollen river breaks through its dikes, or in the manner of a cloudburst. On the other hand, appied to human conditions, it refers to the time when inferior people gradually begin to disappear. Their influence is on the wane; as a result of resolute action, a change in conditions occurs, a break-through. The hexagram is linked with the third month [April-May].

Even if only one inferior man i occupying a ruling position in a city, he is able to oppress superior men. Even a single passion still lurking in the heart has power to obscure reason. Passion and reason cannot exist side by side – therefore fight without quarter is necessary if the good is to prevail.

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