Hexagram 48 – Ching- The Well

Hexagram-48-ChingThe trigram above – K’AN – The Abysmal, Water
The trigram below – SUN – The Gentle, Wind, Wood

General: Even though times change the spirit has constant needs.

Love: Nourish the soul to help sustain your relationship.

Business: The basic and constant needs of humanity should be focused on.

Personal: Make sure your basic needs are well provided for and that you nurture your spirit.

Wood is below, water above. The wood goes down into the earth to bring up water. The image derives from he pole-and-bucket well of ancient China. The wood represents not the buckets, which in ancient times were made of clay, but rather the wooden poles by which the water is hauled up from the well. The image also refers to the world of plants, which lift water out of the earth by means of their fibers.

The well from which water is drawn conveys the further idea of an inexhaustible dispensing of nourishment.

In ancient China the capital cities were sometimes moved, partly for the sake of more favorable location, partly because of a change in dynasties. The style of architecture changed in the course of centuries, but the shape of the well has remained the same from ancient times to this day. Thus the well is the symbol of that social structure which, evolved by mankind in meeting its most primitive needs, is independent of all political forms. Political structures change, as do nations, but the life of man with its needs remains eternally the same – this cannot be changed. Life is also inexhaustible. It grows neither less nor more; it exists for one and for all. The generations come and go, and all enjoy life in its inexhaustible abundance.

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