tigerSimilarity to western sign : AQUARIUS

Hours ruled by the Tiger : 3 AM – 5 AM

Season and month : Winter – February

Point of the compass : East – Northeast

Mentality : Positive

Famous Tiger People: Ho Chih Minh, Princess Anne, General Charles de Gaulle, Charles Lindbergh, Beethoven, Queen Beatrix, King Juan Carlos I, Jonas Salk, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, Sun Yet San, Karl Marx

February 8, 1902 to January 28, 1903 (water)

January 26, 1914 to February 13, 1915 (wood)

February 13, 1926 to February 1, 1927 (fire)

January 31, 1938 to February 18, 1939 (earth)

February 17, 1950 to February 5, 1951 (metal)

February 5, 1962 to January 24, 1963 (water)

January 23, 1974 to February 10, 1975 (wood)

February 9, 1986 to January 28, 1987 (fire)

January 28, 1998 to February 15, 1999 (earth)

Is there a creature on the planet more magnificent than the Tiger. We think not, and that’s not even our sign. Tiger people are aggressive, courageous, candid and sensitive. Look to the Horse and Dog for happiness. Beware of the Monkey. Tigers are born leaders. The Tiger is a very changeable person, with a potent natural ability that is often in great danger of being abused. They are either leaders or rebels.

Tigers are likely to succeed in sales, personnel management and military careers. They typically have a strong competitive streak (especially in business dealings) and must be careful not to create enemies during their quest for success. Not easily influenced by others, the Tiger’s natural authority is seldom challenged, and make excellent role models. They have a magnetic personalities and, when combined with their confidence, are difficult to resist.

The Tiger is usually regarded as having male-like tendencies and therefore Chinese tend to distrust women born in the Tiger years, partially because of the power that they can exert. Tiger personalities are daring fighters and stand up to the bitter end for what they feel is righteous. They are respected by their peers and enemies for their courage and dedication.

They can be vain, quarrelsome and overly aggressive at times, but their inherent charisma and vast reserves of charm are usually sufficient to extract them from any problems that may arise from their lack of foresight. Their idealistic outlook on life can take quite a few knocks on the head from this abrupt reality until it finally collapses — at which point the Tiger personality can lapse into its less attractive aspects.

Tigers are courageous beyond compare and generally come out ahead in battle, be it in the boardroom or the bedroom. Seduction is one area where the Tiger is definitely king. Noble and warm-hearted, Tigers have a natural, raw appeal that’s extremely attractive to other Signs. They’re not just about attraction, though; ever on the side of right, Tigers will fight the good fight to the bitter end if the cause is worthy. Opponents are wise to fear this feline.

Tiger personalities are sensitive, emotional, and capable of great love, but have a difficult time understanding the meaning of moderation. They often approach love with as much ferocity as a good fight. A lesson that Tigers would be well-served to learn is moderation in all things. Once these cats can find their center and direct their considerable energies toward worthwhile endeavors (as opposed to racing through life), they will accomplish much


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