monkeySimilarity to western sign : LEO

Hours ruled by the monkey : 3 PM – 5 PM

Season and month : Summer – August

Point of the compass : West – Southwest

Mentality : Positive

Famous Monkey People: Charles Dickens, Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci, Simone de Beauvoir, Isaac Stern, George Lucas, Julius Caesar, Leonardo daVinci, Captain Cook, Elizabeth Taylor, Edgar Faure

February 2, 1908 to January 21, 1909 (earth)

February 20, 1920 to February 7, 1921 (metal)

February 6, 1932 to January 25, 1933 (water)

January 25, 1944 to February 12, 1945 (wood)

February 12, 1956 to January 30, 1957 (fire)

January 30, 1968 to February 16, 1969 (earth)

February 16, 1980 to February 4, 1981 (metal)

February 4, 1992 to January 22, 1993 (water)

Monkeys are never at a loss for words. They can make the most boring subject seem interesting. They are extremely inventive, with a quick-wittedness that none can rival. Their charm and good fortune follow them. The Monkey’s world, full reckless energy and revelry, isn’t for everyone. Remember, though, it’s not that this Sign is mean; it might just be a bit too curious for its own good. Monkeys often feel the need to try everything at least once, which can make for a merry-go-round of relationships.

Despite their popularity, Monkeys are seldom taken seriously however, and this leads to much frustration. They project an image of mischief which many find unsettling.

The Monkey personality can do well at almost any type of work, and usually succeed in anything they try. Their success often makes them arrogant however, and can lead to isolation. Monkeys are exceptionally good a problem-solving and have a craving for knowledge.

They are one of the most popular and venerated of all Chinese characters. There are countless stories about the adventures of monkeys. The Monkey of legend has many innate skills, but only put them to good use when under the powerful restraint and skillful guidance of an enlightened one (as in “Journey to the West”, a famous novel). They can easily self-destruct when left to their own initiatives.

They are desicribed as intelligent and able to influence people. An enthusiastic achiever, you are easily discouraged and confused. Monkeys are good listeners and tackle complicated situations with ease. This Sign’s natural curiosity gives it a broad-based intellectual curiosity. Monkeys have a show-off side that loves nothing more than to impress their friends with all they know.

The Monkey’s love of self-indulgence can also lead to other types of trouble. This Sign may have limited self-control concerning food, alcohol and other pleasurable activities. It’s party time all the time for the Monkey, yet when it leads to a monster hangover or a shattered heart (generally someone else’s, not theirs), this Sign might actually show a touch of remorse. They won’t flat-out admit the error of their ways, but at least they’ll pull back and try to tone things down for a while.

Your best matches are with a Dragon or a Rat and beware the Tiger.


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