Number 2 Combinations

number 2 combinations2 with a 1

Usually the 1 personality dominates the 2 who is much more submissive. This relationship is usually quite cozy but not very stimulating for either partner. Usually, this combination contains a great deal of physical affection and emotional security. It is best for husband and wife or boss and secretary.

2 with a 2

At first these two may be delighted by their similarities, but then suffer from an identity crisis as both tend to view the other as an extension of the self. These two ‘twins’ do not function well in any kind of relationship whether it is business or romance.

2 with a 3

These two individuals may have little patience for the other’s personality quirks and foibles. This relationship usually bodes emotional fireworks and displays of temper. It is a negative relationship in any sphere of life, but especially bad for family units.

2 with a 4

These two have a lot to offer each other in terms of emotional and financial security. The risk is that the 2 might become bored with the 4’s consistent routines. This relationship is good for business and not bad when it comes to romance.

2 with a 5

These two could be a case of ” how opposites attract.” Usually there a mutual respect for each other that can manifest happily as friends, lovers or as a successful business partnership.

2 with a 6

These two have a great deal to offer each other in terms of compatibility but there might be a tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness. The key to making this relationship work is to give each other room to breathe and grow. This combination is best for friendship and o.k. for love and business partnerships.

2 with a 7

This combination is great for a couple who want to build a future with other. They can also be a successful duo when it comes to starting a business venture.

2 with a 8

This is one of the most compatible love combinations in the numerology system. These relationships thrive whether it be for business or social purposes and tend to last for a lifetime.

2 with a 9

There is a definite chill in the room when these two encounter each other. They don’t have much in common and what they do they dislike to seeing in another. Not recommended for any kind of relationship.

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