Number 5 Combinations

number 5 combinations5 with a 1:

This can be a very vibrant and lively relationship, especially romantically. However a tendency towards clinginess, jealous and codependency often douses the flames of passion and enthusiasm.

5 with a 2:

These two could be a case of opposite attracting each other. Usually there a mutual respect for each other that can manifest as a happy friendship, lovers or a successful business partnership.

5 with a 3:

These two are very enthusiastic about each other. They make great friends. If they do become lovers the flames of passion often rise high but don’t last. Neither is serious enough to build a family or a business together.

5 with a 4:

These two numbers display vastly different temperaments that make compatibility with each other next to impossible. This combination is not recommended for any kind of relationship.

5 with a 5:

These two twins both thrive on a lifestyle filled with travel, drama and adventure. An innate understanding of each other’s need to be free often leads to satisfying love, marriage and business relationships.

5 with a 6:

This relationship can survive if both parties are willing to make compromises. As they are basically incompatible in many ways they are not recommended for marriage or business relationships.

5 with a 7:

These two numbers are kindred spirits. Their best possible relationship is friends although they also can succeed together in business, love and the pursuit of creative projects or endeavors.

5 with an 8

This combination brings out the best in each other. Once they fall in love, these two stick it out for a lifetime. The special bond shared between these two numbers can be an asset that is shared in business as well. It is also an excellent number combination to find in a family or a pair of best friends. Great happiness is in store for these two.

5 with a 9

Put these two together and they are liable to blow a lot of money on risky ventures such as gambling or bad investments. They make great friends, but lousy marriage or business partners.

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