Number 6 Combinations

number 6 combinations6 with a 1

These two are capable of creating great prosperity together. They should be careful to give credit to each other when it is rightfully due. It is an especially good combination for potential business partners.

6 with a 2

These two have a great deal to offer each other in terms of compatibility but there might be a tendency towards jealousy and obsession. The key to making this relationship work is to give each other room to breathe and grow. This combination is best for friendship but can also work as a love or business partnership.

6 with a 3

This is a good combination for building a family together. Fidelity might be a problem if one partner feels stifled by the other. It is also not a bad combination for business.

6 with a 4

These two are destined to live in domestic bliss together. This is a good solid relationship that is built on mutual trust and similar values. These two work well as marriage partners.

6 with a 5

This relationship can survive if both parties are willing to make compromises. As they are basically incompatible in many ways they are not recommended for marriage or business relationships.

6 with a 6

These two number twins make excellent colleagues are friends. Together one of their great strengths could be charitable works or raising money for special projects. Often there is not enough friction between them to create an exciting romantic relationship. It is an excellent number combination to find within any family, as these two will always be cooperative and civil to each other.

6 with a 7

This can be a difficult relationship that requires too much compromising on the part of both parties. As these two barely tolerate each other, they are not recommended for any kind of partnership.

6 with an 8

This is a very cozy combination that is highly recommended for romance and marriage. If the two are of the same sex they can also succeed in building a business empire together.

6 with a 9

Whether this relationship is friendly, romantic or business oriented it always represents a deep spiritual connection. When these two individuals meet they usually forge some form of a relationship that endures over a lifetime.

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