Number 7 Combinations

number 7 combinations7 with a 1

This is a good platonic match that often results in a life long friendship. These two enjoy a common love of culture, history and social climbing.

7 with a 2

This combination is great for a couple who want to build a future with other. They can also be a successful duo when it comes to starting a business together.

7 with a 3

These two individuals are usually incompatible. If they do get together it is usually a clear case of how opposites attract. However they are so different, the relationship does not usually endure for long.

7 with a 4

There is not much energy between these two people and they tend to depress each other. Not recommended for any kind of relationship.

7 with a 5

These two numbers are kindred spirits. Their best possible relationship is friends although they also can succeed together in business, love and the pursuit of creative projects or endeavors.

7 with a 6

This can be a difficult relationship that requires too much compromise on the part of both parties. As these two barely tolerate each other, they are not recommended for any kind of partnership.

7 with a 7

These number twins tend to be harsh critics of one another. As 7’s hate to think that they have any similarities to anyone else, this is not a combination that is recommended for any kind of relationship.

7 with an 8

This combination has very strong potential to create a successful business relationship. However usually the relationship is devoid of emotion so these two make better business colleagues than they do friends or lovers.

7 with a 9

These two soul mates affection and appreciation for each other is based on a deep spiritual connection. This relationship is destined to be highly successful whether it is for purposes of creating a family, a business empire or a life-long friendship.

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