Number 8 Combinations

number 8 combinations8 with a 1

This combination is good for a business partnership or a marriage as both share the common ambition of succeeding materially and career-wise.

8 with a 2

This is one of the most compatible love combinations in the numerology system. These relationships thrive whether it is for business or social purposes as well. These connections tend to last for a lifetime.

8 with a 3

These two make great lovers but lousy business or marriage partners. This pair usually becomes involved in a short-term affair with each other.

8 with a 4

These two hard-workers are very compatible. As business partners they are capable of building an empire together. They are also well aspected when it comes to creating a large family with many descendants.

8 with a 5

This combination brings out the best in each other. Once they fall in love, these two stick it out for a lifetime. The special bond shared between these two numbers can be an asset that is shared in business as well. It is also an excellent number combination to find in a family or a pair of best friends. Great happiness is in store for these two.

8 with a 6

This is a very lovey dovey combination that is highly recommended for romance and marriage. If the two are of the same sex they can also succeed in building a business empire together.

8 with a 7

This combination has very strong potential to create a successful business relationship. However usually the relationship is devoid of emotion so these two make better business colleagues than they do friends or lovers.

8 with an 8

These two birds of a feather understand each other’s drive to be successful completely. This is an excellent and prosperous combination that forges solid marriages and enduring business partnerships.

8 with a 9

These two can make beautiful music together, especially romantically. However, both partners have a foolhardy streak that causes them to be careless with money. For this reason they make better lovers or friends than marriage or business partners.

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