Number 9 Combinations

number 9 combinations9 with a 1

This is an emotionally tempestuous relationship that is best for an affair. These combinations do not often last due to the volatility of both partners’ natures. It is an especially bad business combination.

9 with a 2

There is a definite chill in the room when these two encounter each other. Not recommended for any kind of relationship.

9 with a 3

These two share the same desire to be the center of attention. The relationship works as long as both agree to share the limelight. It is good combination for both business and love. It is a terrible combination for father and son or mother and daughter, as they will tend to compete with each other.

9 with a 4

These two have next to nothing in common. Not recommended for any kind of interaction or relationship.

9 with a 5

Put these two together and they are liable to blow a lot of money on risky ventures such as gambling or bad investments. They make great friends, but lousy marriage or business partners.

9 with a 6

Whether this relationship is friendly, romantic or business oriented it always represents a deep spiritual connection. When these two individuals meet they usually forge some kind of relationship that endures over a lifetime.

9 with a 7

This two soul mates affection and appreciation for each other is based on a deep spiritual connection. This relationship is destined to be highly successful whether it be for purposes of creating a family, a business empire or a life-long friendship.

9 with a 8

These two can make beautiful music together, especially romantically. However, both partners have a foolhardy streak that causes them to be careless with money. For this reason they make better lovers or friends than marriage or business partners.

9 with a 9

These twin numbers often share lofty aspirations as well as a deep abiding soul connection that can last a lifetime. This combination is highly recommended for business partners, creative partners and marriage partners. These two stick so close however that they are most likely to boast all three relationships in one.


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